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I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the son, grandson, nephew and brother of veterans. While attending college in 1978 the Iranian Hostage Crisis inspired me to answer the call to volunteer to serve our great nation. I trained for a place at the “tip of the spear”, in the US Army Special Forces, becoming a member of the elite “Green Berets”.

I served throughout the Reagan years on various special ops throughout the world, combating communist expansion. After leaving the Army I built a career and raised a family. I am the proud father of three and grandfather of three more. My oldest son is presently serving our country in the US Army.

Throughout my life I’ve been a parachutist, scuba diver, avid backpacker, historian and writer, and was featured on and involved in the production of the hit television series, “Deadliest Warrior”. I am now prepared to serve my community, my friends and neighbors in California’s 44th Assembly District.

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I’m running for the same reason I volunteered to serve in the US Army all those years ago: I can no longer stand by and watch my home state deteriorate and become a national joke. California was once, in more than just name, the “Golden State”. A place of great opportunity and scenic beauty. Where people came from all over for a fresh start. But of late it’s become the place to flee, not the place to be. For the first time more residents are leaving California than moving here. We all have in us a fight or flight response. I choose not to flee California, but instead to fight for it and you.

My decades of experience as a businessman and small business owner has taught me how the private sector works: how jobs are created and what it takes to build a business. And just as importantly, how to balance a budget: we must stop spending money we don’t have! My years of military service have given me the leadership skills to fight and win the battles ahead for the people of the 44th District.

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